Based in Louisville, KY Prestige Builders specializes in creating unique custom homes. Extraordinary craftsmanship and impeccable client service are our hallmarks, and you’ll find our homes in some of Louisville’s finest communities including Rock Springs, Anchorage, Lake Forest, Persimmon Ridge, Polo Fields, Saratoga Springs and many more.

Prestige Builders offers the best of both worlds — the artistry of true craftsmen, combined with a professional project management style designed to keep the building process on schedule and on budget.

At the start of the process, we’ll develop a management plan covering all construction details, from start to finish. Quality, cost and timing — all of these elements are covered in the plan in full detail, allowing you to see how every step will proceed. No guesswork, no costly unknowns. Our job is to satisfy your requests while keeping the home on budget. This active, client-oriented approach is something that truly sets Prestige Builders apart.

Founded in 1968, over a hundred satisfied customers have made the informed choice to call a Prestige built house their home.  Our design build process will ensure that the clients personality, needs and wants are delivered in the final design.  Contact Prestige Builders today to begin the process of crafting your new home.

Custom Home Builder in Louisville, KY